“Paper Chase” Author’s Latest Novel Explores a Fractured Love Story

What is your reaction when you hear of a marriage breaking up? Are you shocked or did you know it was coming? In John Jay Osborne Jr.’s new novel, Listen to the Marriage we are introduced to a couple who seemed to be destined for divorce.

Steve’s numerous affairs and focus on work have finally pushed his wife Gretchen to take the children and move out, but in a last minute attempt to salvage their union, they begin weekly sessions with Sandy, an unconventional therapist. Told through the therapist’s eyes, we see the couple both confront and skirt issues that have torn them apart. 

The former screenwriter and legal professor joined Roxanne to talk about his first novel in 37 years, his decade of experience writing in Hollywood, and how his own marriage counseling 35 years ago helped him “understand my wife for the first time”.

Books in this episode:

Listen to the Marriage by John Jay Osborn Jr. 

Happy All the Time by Laurie Colwin 

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