“Just spent the morning binge-listening to the show. It’s just enough inside baseball to feel like an insider, but also accessible to regular readers. Roxanne is the perfect interviewer — intimate, funny, comfortable, but unexpected too!”

– Wendy Sheanin, Vice President, Director of Marketing Adult Trade Group, Simon & Schuster Inc.

 “Absolutely charming!”

– Caroline Donahue, Host of The Secret Library Podcast

The perfect way to learn about new books

“I found myself constantly jotting down book titles that I wanted to check out.”

A ‘must subscribe to’ podcast

“Fantastic Podcast! Great interviews, substantial content, interesting and diverse book selection. I really like her style – she’s a pro.”

Like talking to a friend

“Feels like I’m sharing a cup of coffee with Roxanne, meeting impressive authors along the way.”

Love the show!!

“Find myself lost in the conversation and unable to stop listening.”

Just what I’ve been looking for

“I was searching for a podcast just like this. My only complaint is that my TBR pile never seems to end now.”

Thank you!

“To have such a respected bookseller providing real insight is quite unique.”

Roxanne rocks!!

“She interviews amazing authors, and she’s fun to listen to! A great podcast.”


“I love this podcast! The interviews are really well done and I have gotten some really good recommendations.”

Just the right podcast

“I can’t say enough about the ‘Just the Right Book’ podcast with Roxanne Coady. So interesting and engaging.”