Searching for America’s Moral Imagination & “The Common Good”

Rooted in common sense, Robert Reich explains what he believes is the common good and how it constitutes the very essence of our nation.

The former Secretary of Labor, political commentator, and college professor joined Roxanne to talk about his latest book The Common Good. Roxanne and Professor Reich had a far-ranging conversation that included the intersection between capitalism and progressivism, the possibility that if we didn’t have Trump we would have someone just like him, and what the 2020 election might look like.


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  • Patricia Snyder Posted March 17, 2019 6:19 pm

    In her introduction to this episode of the podcast, Roxanne states that Robert Reich is a former Secretary of Commerce. He is not a former Secretary of Commerce; he is a former Secretary of Labor. The same misstatement appears in the text of the description of th episode. I hope someone corrects this mistake.

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