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Kimberly Williams-Paisley Where the Light Gets In: Losing My Mother Only to Find Her AgainYou may recognize Kimberly Williams-Paisley as the young bride in the Steve Martin version of “Father of the Bride,” from her many TV shows and appearances, or as wife of country music superstar Brad Paisley. If that’s all you know, you’re selling her short. In her incredibly gut-wrenching, informative and important book, Where the Light Gets In: Losing My Mother Only to Find Her Again, she documents her mother’s rare form of dementia and tracks her family’s actions and emotions through the process and her death last year. “My mother didn’t want us to talk about her illness; she wanted it to be the family secret,” says Williams-Paisley in today’s new podcast episode. While she wanted to honor her mother’s wishes and “protect her pride, it was a mistake and I regret it. By keeping it secret, we missed out on a lot of resources we could have been using.” The book, says show host Roxanne Coady, “does a brilliant job of normalizing a situation that many people find hard to think of as normal.” Listen in!



We’re giving away several copies of Kimberly Williams-Paisley’s book, Where the Light Gets In: Losing My Mother Only to Find Her Again. To qualify for our random drawing, just go to iTunes and “Rate and Review” our podcast. You have until the end of April to participate, but why wait — do it today. We’ll let you know if you won!



As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we couldn’t have been more excited to see JTRBP climb up the top podcast charts on iTunes. Since the initial recognition, we’ve seen much progress, moving up to being the top-ranked Book podcast, third in Literature, 11th in Arts, and at the very top of the iTunes home page that featured our interview with Ann Patchett. Welcome and thanks to all our new listeners!



Special thanks to former “Books on the Nightstand” podcast co-hosts Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman for coming on our show and doing what they do best – talking about books. Their popular podcast this past July completed a very successful nine-year run, but the two are hardly going away – we’ll have them back on a regular basis. In the recent episode, they discuss more than 15 titles. And hear about the books that changed their lives.



That’s what had book lovers spiraling around the corners in Madison, CT, near R.J. Julia Booksellers, whose owner, Roxanne, is our podcast host. The reason on this particular evening: Chelsea Clinton was signing copies of her book, It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going. The book, geared for ages 10 and up, describes some of the biggest issues facing our world today, and provides real-world stories of how people are tackling them and how anyone can get involved. Hopefully, we’ll see Chelsea as a future podcast guest.

Thanks for listening. Now go read a book!


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